Airtime Brand Design

Airtime is a social media product that’s about whatever the you want it to be about. Created by Sean Parker in 2011, COLLINS helped evolve the strategic positioning, language, visual identity and product experience. The product is expansive — if it’s on the internet, it’s in here — you can stream music and videos with up to 10 people at a time, chat, share music, create rooms with old and new friends about anything you want, throw a party or just chill out. Our challenge was to capture all of this while making a compelling case for a platform that weaves together, content, social-sharing and real-time video all for an audience of fourteen to seventeen year olds being messaged at and connected through hundreds of different platforms.

Don’t be prescriptive. Let people: Do whatever, together. Blending a slacker attitude with a sophisticated product, we open up the infinite possibilities the platform offers with the reality of being a teenager. Our strategy centered on experimenting and the fluid behavior of jumping from one room and persona to another. The visual language draws from zine culture — intentionally lo-fi, layered and hand-made. It is intended to at once be approachable, but also relatable to a generation of teenagers bombarded by sterile feature messaging and platonic images of youth. The brand is designed to connect — not because it’s faster, friendlier and reliable, but because it lets you be you and you can do whatever you want with it.

Get Weird. Get Airtime.

Credits: Matt Luckhurst, Christian Widlic, Sohee Kim, Kris Wong, Anna Sternoff, Angie Shih, Ashley Kasten, Airtime Team