The Exploratorium: Inflatable Summer Campaign
Credits: Ben Crick, Matt Luckhurst, Sohee Kim, Kris Wong, Joanna Hobson, Anna Sternoff, Angie Shih, Exploratorium Team

Blowing minds with blow up art.
The Exploratorium partnered with Colossal to curate its exhibition, “Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art”, a series of massive, air-filled sculptures and fantastical beings that surprise museum guests around every corner. Extending the playful nature of the art into San Francisco’s streets, COLLINS created a design solution, wayfinding and marketing campaign all unified with a set of custom inflatable letterforms as tactile as the experience itself. The letters dynamically blow up to fill whatever space they’re in; from buses to billboards to banners. Each expression is unique, every surface a new canvas - we blanketed the city with bursts of bright blue, inviting viewers into the wondrous world of Inflatable.